The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Characters by Quote

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Can you name the Spirit Tracks Characters by Quote?

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'In case you're wondering, yes, I know who you are.
'...[F]inally, you will face the impenetrable temple. What awaits you there, you'll just have to see.
'...[T]he world will crumble in the time I have left!'
'The secret to becoming a great warrior is practice and more practice.'
'I can do no more. You must go forth on your own.'
'It was just a short distance away, but it felt so far. I suppose mortal peril has that effect.'
'Congratulations on your resurrection, Your Majesty!
'All right, [Link]! It's time to end this! Together, we can take on anything! Right?'
'Why would I want to serve the spirits...When I could become as powerful as they are?'
'Hoo hoo hoo! I've heard all about you two! You want to restore the Spirit Tracks, correct?'

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