The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Characters By Quote

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QuoteCharacterIs said when...
'I think it's time for us to say good-bye to this place. We must return to the world above! Back to our ocean!'
'I must tell you... You are just my type. Tee hee hee!'
'A sword can do good or evil. It reflects the heart of the one who uses it.'
'You're all fools, do you know that You saw that demolished island! You saw the senseless destruction. We have to hurry on to Outset, or the same thing could happen there!'
'I... I... I'm proud to have you as... As my... As my underling!'
'Beauty does not come from what you see… it comes from what is inside you.'
'Gods of the Triforce! Hear that which I desire! Hope... I desire hope for these children. Give them a future!'
'There's actually something that I can do to help this world. It's incredible...'
'Soon, a day will come when all the islands are one, connected by earth and grove.'
'May the winds of fortune be at your back.'
'Still ... It is too soon for us to relax. Ganon cannot be destroyed by such simple means as wrath and fire.'
QuoteCharacterIs said when...
'The events we have long feared seem to have been set in motion.'.
'The wind...It is blowing...'
'Oh chosen one... What will now happen is tied to fate. Go forward with caution.'
'You have controlled the wind and crossed the seas, and now the power of the gods has been bestowed upon you. From this moment on, you will be known as the Hero of Winds!'
'Are you the new hero?'
'From here onward, come rain or wind, my heart shall rest in comfortable ease.'
'My story is a strange one... I came across cursed seas from a land far away...a land where the blizzards blow violently...'
'Giving you the thing I value most will give me the courage I need to stand up to bad things!'
'I'm going to try to be strong, too. But don't do anything reckless. Alright? '
'Nothing can stop the flow of time or the passing of generations…but the fate carried within my bloodline endures the ravages of all the years. It survives.'

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