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'Now, I suppose a boy like you still has much to learn about the world.'
'I must aid you in fulfilling the great destiny that is your burden to carry.'
'You never want to give up. You always want to try. I admire you!'
'It still appalls me that this world is controlled by that princess. A carefree youth, a life of luxury. How does that teach duty?'
'You must believe in your own courage, which has led you to triumph over the many hardships you have faced...and you must triumph once again! You must rise above the trial of the g
'Can the destiny of Hyrule really depend on such a lazy boy?'
'Oh, phew! You're awake! You weren't moving, so I thought you were done for! But it looks like you're going to be OK.'
'Hee hee hee! I'm like a walking, talking shield, Link!'

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