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Can you name the film if the plot is given in haiku form?

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HaikuTitle of filmTagline or Co-star
Virgin in It'ly/Trying to find her father/Sex with the shy guyThe most beautiful place to be is in love.
She lost family/Jack just left them there to die/Paul seeks out his heartHow much does love weigh?
Amanda needs break/Switches houses with Iris/Both girls change their livesRufus Sewell
Sex addict meets girl/Psycho mom;choking;Christ clone/All works out in endFrom the author of Fight Club
Vamp holds man hostage/Girl falls for said vamp, oh no!/Her love saves his soulLove never dies.
Girl becomes teacher/Leaves to be a governess/There finds her soul mateChristina Cole
She wants Toby gone/Round and round and round she goes/Jareth wears tight pantsWhere everything seems possible and nothing is what it seems.
Stranger meets Simon/Very long poem that makes/Mom slit wrists; mute singParker Posey
Shy girl who likes pain/Boss does not care for typos/Guess they are soul matesAssume the position.
It's all about glam/Triangle between three men/Fame comes from space rockThe Rise Of A Star... The Fall Of A Legend!

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