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HintsAnswersChanges to the Word
A woman that served was sometimes called a_____four letters to begin
Goliath wore a coat of ______one letter change
Paul _____ed through the seasone letter change
These were in Jesus hands and feetone letter change/add one letter
Where Moses got the lawrearrange letters/one letter change
Doing evil in God's sightdrop two letters
Jesus is the ___ of Godone letter change
Another name for planting is to _____one letter change
A weapon that could be used for hunting/warone letter change
Eve came from a ____ of Adamdrop one letter/add two letters
HintsAnswersChanges to the Word
An old testement way of killing people in sin was to _____ themdrop one letter/add two letters
David played musical ______ on the harprearrange letters
Jesus tells us to get the beam out of our eye, before the _____ out of our brothersone letter change/drop one letter
_____ and dust doth corruptone letter change
Passover was in the first ____ of the Jewish yearadd one letter
A shekel was used as a type of _____drop two letters/ add two letters
Samson ate this from a dead lionone letter change
The prodigal son finally retunred ______drop one letter/one letter change
Common to ride on in battleone letter change/add one letter
A type of deer (plural)rearrange letters/drop one letter

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