Bible Trivia- Noah's Ark

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Who was the father of Noah?
Who were the three sons of Noah on his ark?
(Fill In)- The Earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with_____.
The length, height, and breadth of the ark were measured in what units?
Depending on types of animals what two amounts of animals did Noah bring on the ark?
How many stories tall was the ark?
How old was Noah when the rain came?
How many days and nights did it rain?
How many days during and after the flood did the waters prevail upon the Earth?
What two types of birds did Noah send out of the ark to check the water and land?
What was the mount that the ark came to rest upon?
What symbol was God's promise to Noah not to flood the Earth again?
Who was the grandson of Noah that was cursed by Noah?
How old was Noah when he died?

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