Bible Trivia- Life of Abraham

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Who was the father of Abraham?
Who was the wife of Abraham?
Who was the nephew of Abraham that he had to split the land with?
What land did Abraham and his wife go to during the time of famine?
Who was the handmaid of Abraham's wife that bare him Ishmael?
What did God command of Abraham and all the males in his house?
How old was Abraham when God told him he would have a son with his wife?
What was the name of Abraham's chosen son?
What two cities did Abraham plead for and were destroyed?
What type of animal did God replace for the offering of Abraham's son?
What was the name of the mount that Abraham was going to offer his son on?
What king made a convanent with Abraham after taking his wife?
What was Abraham's name orginally?
How old was Abraham when he died?

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