Bible Trivia- Jesus' Birth

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Who was Mary espoused to be married?
What old testement book speaks of Immanuel being born of a virgin?
What two new testement books most describe the birth of Jesus?
What was the name of the Caesar at the time of Jesus birth?
Who was the king of Judea at the time of Jesus birth?
Who was the father of John the Baptist?
How were Mary and Elizabeth related?
What was the name of the angel that appeared to Mary?
What did the angel tell Mary to call her son?
What city were Mary, Joseph, and Jesus from?
What did John the Baptist do in Elizabeth's womb when he heard of Jesus?
Why did Mary and Joseph have to travel to Bethlehem?
What direction in the sky did the star appear in?
What is the name of the city that is sometimes called 'The City of David'?
What were the three gifts the wisemen brought to Jesus?(order listed in the Bible)
How did God warn the wisemen not to return to Herod?
What group of people did the heavenly host of angels appear to?
What did Herod do to all the children two and under in the land?
Where did Mary,Joseph, and Jesus flee to after his birth?
What was the name of the man waiting at Jerusalem to see Jesus before his death?

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