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Two______ are better than one.
Put your ______ where your mouth is.
Put a ______ on it.
Let's get the ball _______.
Once in a _______ moon.
Birds of a feather ______ together.
You look like a million _______.
_______ killed the cat.
It's raining ______ and _______.
What ______ around _______ around.
That takes the _______.
My _______ is to the wall.
A fool and his money are soon ________.
A penny _______ is a penny earned.
________ speak louder than words.
An _________ a day keeps the doctor away.
Back to the _______ board.
Be careful what you _______ for.
Beauty is in the _______ of the beholder
Beggars can't be _______.
Cat got your _______?
Chip off the old ________.
A ______ a dozen.
Don't count your chickens before they're _______.
Early ______ catches the ________.
SayingsMissing Word(s)
A ______ only a mother could love.
Got out of bed on the _______ side.
Get the_______ off your back.
The grass is ________ on the other side.
The hand that _________ the cradle.
Here ______, gone _______.
You hit the ______ on the head.
If you don't ______ at first, try try again.
In one _______ and out the other.
Just what the ______ ordered.
Keep your eye on the ________.
Laughter is the best ________.
Don't make a mountain out of a _______.
The ________ trick in the book.
People that live in _____ houses should not throw ______.
Quiet before the _______.
Read _______ the lines.
You got the _______ end of the stick.
Take the _______ by it's horns.
Up the river without a _________.
Wake up and smell the _______.
You can lead a horse to _______, but you can't make it _______.
Your _______ will find you out.
Signed, sealed, and __________
______ and ______ wins the race.

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