Wash Senator Opening Day Lineups '61-71

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1961-CLast season. Not related to Bob Newhart's neighbor!
1961-1B1956-8 HR in 8 consec games
1961-2BLed AL in Sac Hits 1961
1961-SS1st AB, H & R for Senators, 1st non-P/C drafted by Was in expansion draft, Nickname is a 'hoot!'
1961-3BBrother Bobby Played for Reds/Mets, Nickname should have been Santa
1961-LFWon 5 WS Championships w/ Yankees 49-53
1961-CFTopps All-Star Rookie Team 1959 w/ O's
1961-RFSon's wife was a Real Housewife of Orange County
1961-P1961-Led AL in ERA
1961-MGRPlayed for orig Senators for 16 years
1962-CNOT the former Det Lions Coach
1962-1B1958-was 1st Left-Handed throwing catcher in 56 years
1962-2BManaged Seattle 1984-86
1962-SSMember of 1966 Oriole championship team, did not play in WS
1962-3B1950-Pit, 3rd in NL Rookie of the Year
1962-LFFormer Oriole, traded to Indians after 11G 1962
1962-CFFear Strikes Out
1962-RFHit .310 1962, last Senator above .300
1962-P1957 (Pit)-started last game in Ebbets Field
1962-MGRAL Record for career G, PO, A, DP, TC at 1B
1963-C1961 (Pit)-HR in 1st ML AB
1963-1BPlayed DB for Packers/Redskins 64-69
1963-2BTraded to Dodgers mid-63, on bench for WS
1963-SSHigh School teammate of Pete Rose
1963-3BNickname same as C. Montgomery Burns' teddy bear
1963-LFPlayed in 5 decades 1949-80. Yes, there is a tilde.
1963-CF1st new Senator to hit 20 HR (27 in 1963)
1963-RF#32, Honored on Washington Wall of Stars
1963-P2nd in AL in Losses (19)-1963, 1 of 3 'Dons' in 1963 line up
1963-MGRPlayed in 4 decades (39-60)
1964-C4 season ML career-all w/ Was
1964-2BFather-in-law = Walker Cooper
1964-SS1972-Gold Glove
1964-3BNOT PT-109 Skipper
1964-LFAL-All star 1964
1964-CFSet new Was HR record w/ 28 in 1964
1964-RF1964-Only new Senator to ever hit for cycle
1964-P2x 20-G winner w/ Dodgers
1964-MGRNot Hall in Fame, but has been considered
1965-CSon Mike played 1987-95
1965-1B1965 version of Franklin Pierce Adam's poem would be Eddie to Blaze to Bob
1965-2B1958-NL All Star w/ Reds
1965-SS1972-9th in AL MVP even though he hit .205
1965-3BPart of 6 player blockbuster trade that helped both teams
1965-LFSeats where upper deck HRs were hit--painted blue
1965-CFLater played w/ Phillies and Red Sox
1965-RFAlso played for SF, Cle, Bal
1965-PPart of the 6 person blockbuster trade, all of whom are on this list
1965-MGR2nd in HR/RBIs in ML in 1950s
1966-CCaught Sandy Koufax's 3rd no-hitter
1966-1BHit .345 for StL 1959 (led NL in OBP .453)
1966-2BAlso played for Pit, KCA & LAA, weak-hint-To be or not to be & Luke Skywalker
1966-SS1973-AL All star
1966-3BPlayed in 1974 NLCS for his original team
1966-LFNickname derived from John Wayne movie
1966-CFManaged in Red Sox minor league system
1966-RF1966-21st in MVP voting
1966-P1962-ML debut-K'd 1st 6 batters he faced
1966-MGRThink Boys of Summer
1967-CDolph's little boy
1967-1BSon Robb
1967-2B1962-Topps All Star Rookie team w/ Min, Have a 'weekend' at his place!
1967-SSBrother Chuck, C for White Sox & Pirates
1967-3B16 year ML career w/ LAD, Was, Cal, Oak, & Mil
1967-LF1960-NL Rookie of the Year
1967-CFThink Feb 14th!
1967-RFPlayed for SFG, Was & Cle, 1st/middle name-Charles Andrew
1967-PAll Star 1966 & 67, Losing Pitcher 1967.
1967-MGRThink Amazin' Mets
1968-CCuban born
1968-1BPlayed for Bal, Was, Oak, Tex & Cal
1968-2BOnce traded from Mil to Cle for Max Alvis
1968-SS1960 AL ROY, 1968-Unassisted TP
1968-3BHit 20+HR twice
1968-LF1968-10 HR in 20 ABs
1968-CFFather-MLB C Al
1968-RFPlayed for Was & Bal
1968-PPlayed for both Senator teams, 5x all-star
1968-MGR2x all star w/ orig Senators
1969-C1967-AL All Star (did not play)
1969-1B1969-2nd different new Senator player to hit 30+HR in a season
1969-2BTraded for same player 2x w/in 1 year (1968 starting SS)
1969-SS2nd lowest career BA post 1930, w/ 5000+ ABs
1969-3BLater traded for Frank Robinson (Cal-LAD)
1969-LFGave up #9 so Mgr could wear it, Took #33
1969-CF1969-Led AL in triples (8)
1969-RFLed Was w/ 12 SB in 1969 & 29 in 1970
1969-P'Most feared curveball in AL for 18 years' by his 1969 Mgr
1969-MGR1969-Led Senators to only .500+ season
1970-CFather of Raul
1970-1BNickname was 'Superjew'
1970-2BAsked girlfriend to get married during game while coaching 1B for White Sox
1970-SSLast original New Senator (1961-70)
1970-3BTraded in 1970 for original A-Rod
1970-LFThink Tape-Measure HRs
1970-CF1980-Hit .455 in post season w/ Phl
1970-RFBrother-Richie, I mean Dick
1970-P1969-Led AL in ERA
1970-MGRUS Marine pilot in WWII & Korea
1971-C1973-caught Phil Niekro's no-hitter
1971-1B1972-During ALCS/WS wore black arm band in honor of Israeli athletes murdered at Munich Olympics.
1971-2BMember of 1972 Champion A's
1971-SSWas last New Senator still playing in Major Leagues (1986)
1971-3B3B for Bos in 1967 WS
1971-LFHit last HR for Senators at RFK
1971-CFMajor figure in baseball Free Agency history
1971-RFPart of 1971 blockbuster trade coming to Was from Det w/ Denny McLain
1971-P1974-Pitched no-hitter, missed perfect game due to his own error
1971-MGRAlso played in 4 decades (1939-60)

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