Sites of Hominid Fossils

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CountrySiteTraits / Notable Details
Spain (two sites listed in alphabetical order with and in between)Remains of large mammals like elephants were found here, and more finely worked Acheulean tools
SpainCrude chopper tools, and bones with cut-marks suggesting cannibalism
IndonesiaDubois found Pithecanthropus erectus here along the Solo River
KenyaMany handaxes and mammalian fossils were found here, along with signifcant evidence of river transport by Homo erectus
Kenya / EthiopiaShungura formation, black skull was found here, first time that gracile and robust hominids were found together
ChinaHere John Anderrson found evidence of quartz being moved, Davidson Black found crude choppper tools, first use of fire possibly
GeorgiaA gracile hominid was found here with a relatively brain, and small teeth, there was also an older toothless man found here
Ethiopia Lucy skeleton was found here, and older dating in the 3-3.9 million years range
TanzaniaLeakey finds footprints older than Olduvai dated at 1.75 million years
TanzaniaFirst radiometric dating up to 1.75 million years

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