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Can you name the NBA teams that end the riddle?

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RiddleTeam ('Who are the' before each answer)
I spend all my time on the water.
I am good for your fingers and toes.
Lewis and Clark were considered these.
I heat the Entire Solar System.
I stop here.
My name is Taurus, I am this.
We reign over everything...except the NBA.
I am good for fishing and hanging from the rim.
RiddleTeam ('Who are the' before each answer)
I am a predator of the sky.
I roll, boom, and produce Lightning.
I explore space.
I am Summer's best friend.
I am usually found in New Orleans, but ventured West.
My name originated from Gold miners, but people also think I make good chicken.
You can find me on the back of a cowboy boot.

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