Latin: Principal Parts of Common Verbs (1-25)

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Latin: Principal Parts of Common Verbs (1-25)

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(1) to be
(2) say, talk, tell
(3) to be able
(4) to do, make
(5) to see
(6) to have, hold
(7) to give
(8) to come
(9) to bring, carry
(10) to want, wish
(11) to hear
(12) to do, drive
(13) to say (DEFECTIVE)
(14) to take hold, seize
(15) to go
(16) love, like
(17) have, possess
(18) seek, ask, inquire
(19) receive, accept
(20) put, place, set
(21) be done, become (DEP)
(22) order
(23) seek, ask, head for
(24) lead, command
(25) read, collect, select

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