Latin: Unit 16 - Nouns - Vergil List I (A-L)

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Latin: Unit 16 - Nouns - Vergil List I (A-L)

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English definition(s)Latin noun
king in Sicily
son of Venus and Anchises
sea, waves; (level) plain
army, line, troop; course
Trojan prince, father of Aeneas
love, desire, passion
air, breath, life, soul
soul, spirit, breath
arms, equipment, tools (PLURAL)
plowed land, field, region
citadel, fort; height, hill
breeze, air; favor; light
gold (object, equipment)
war(fare), combat, fight
sky, heaven; weather
plain, field, level surface
head; summit; life, person
chance, (mis)fortune; fall
shout, roar, applause
fleet, army, ship
comrade, follower
husband, wife
body, corpse, form
care, anxiety, grief; love
course, running; haste
god, divinity, deity
right (hand)
word, speech, command
founder of Carthage
day, time, season
English definition(s)Latin noun
house(hold), home, abode; family
gift, offering, prize
fame, report, reputation
fate, destiny, oracle
iron; sword, weapon, tool
end, limit, border; country; goal
flame, fire, torch; love
wave, tide, flood, sea
chance, fortune
fortune, chance, luck
flight, haste, exile
begetter, father, sire
clan, race, nation, herd
birth, origin, race; descendant; kind, family
honor, glory, reward; offering, sacrifice
fire, flame, light, lightning, star; passion, love, fury, wrath
command, power, dominion, rule
(him, her, it)self; very
wrath, rage, anger, passion
this, that; he, she, it
queen of the gods
king of the gods
labor, hardship, task
tear, compassion
threshold, doorway; shrine
shore, strand, coast, beach
place, region; condition, situation
light, lamp; eye; life
light, sun, day; life; glory

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