WWWF/WWF/WWE Heavyweight Champions

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Date WonWrestlerCity
5/17/1963New York, NY
1/18/1971New York, NY
2/8/1971New York, NY
12/1/1973Philadelphia, PA
12/10/1973New York, NY
4/30/1977Baltimore, MD
2/20/1978New York, NY
12/26/1983New York, NY
1/23/1984New York, NY
2/5/1988Indianapolis, IN
3/27/1988Atlantic City, NJ
4/2/1989Atlantic City, NJ
4/1/1990Toronto, ON
1/19/1991Miami, FL
3/24/1991Los Angeles, CA
11/27/1991Detroit, MI
12/3/1991San Antonio, TX
1/19/1992Albany, NY
4/5/1992Indianapolis, IN
9/1/1992Hershey, PA
10/12/1992Saskatoon, SA
4/4/1993Las Vegas, NV
4/4/1993Las Vegas, NV
6/13/1993Dayton, OH
3/20/1994New York, NY
11/23/1994San Antonio, TX
11/26/1994New York, NY
11/19/1995Landover, MA
3/31/1996Anaheim, CA
11/17/1996New York, NY
1/19/1997San Antonio, TX
Date WonWrestlerCity
2/16/1997Chattanooga, TN
2/17/1997Nashville, TN
3/23/1997Chicago, IL
8/3/1997East Rutherford, NJ
11/9/1997Montreal, QE
3/29/1998Boston, MA
6/28/1998Pittsburgh, PA
6/29/1998Cleveland, OH
11/15/1998St. Louis, MO
1/4/1999Worcester, MA
1/24/1999Anaheim, CA
1/31/1999Tucson, AZ
2/15/1999Birmingham, AL
3/28/1999Philadelphia, PA
5/23/1999Kansas City, MO
6/28/1999Charlotte, NC
8/22/1999Minneapolis, MN
8/23/1999Ames, IA
9/16/1999Las Vegas, NV
9/26/1999Charlotte, NC
11/14/1999Detroit, MI
1/3/2000Miami, FL
4/30/2000Washington, DC
5/21/2000Louisville, KY
6/25/2000Boston, MA
10/22/2000Albany, NY
2/25/2001Las Vegas, NV
4/1/2001Houston, TX
9/23/2001Pittsburgh, PA
10/8/2001Indianapolis, IN
12/9/2001San Diego, CA
3/17/2002Toronto, ON
Date WonWrestlerCity
4/21/2002Kansas City, MO
5/19/2002Nashville, TN
7/21/2002Detroit, MI
8/25/2002Uniondale, NY
11/17/2002New York, NY
12/15/2002Sunrise, Fl
3/30/2003Seattle, WA
7/27/2003Denver, CO
9/18/2003Raleigh, NC
2/15/2004San Fracisco, CA
6/27/2004Norfolk, VA
4/2/2005Los Angeles, CA
1/8/2006Albany, NY
1/29/2006Miami, FL
6/11/2006New York, NY
7/3/2006Philadelphia, PA
9/17/2006Toronto, ON
10/7/2007Chicago, IL
10/7/2007Chicago, IL
10/7/2007Chicago, IL
4/27/2008Baltimore, MD
11/23/2008Boston, MA
12/14/2008Buffalo, NY
1/25/2009Detroit, MI
2/15/2009Seattle, WA
4/26/2009Providence, RI
6/7/2009New Orleans, LA
6/15/2009Charlotte, NC
9/13/2009Montreal, QE
10/4/2009Newark, NJ
10/25/2009Pittsburgh, PA
12/13/2009San Antonio, TX

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