The Dictionary of Karl Pilkington

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Babylonians are from __________
Sleep is when your body is __________
Karl wants to buy his mam a pet __________ for Christmas
If you have a lot of something, you also get a lot of __________ ones
When I'm sat here right now, it's not __________ me
He had a look of __________ on his face
Karl doesn't like having his head __________
Some people get __________ too quickly, into jobs they'd not prepared for
Tic Tacs have the same __________ as kitty litter
Karl's punches were too __________ to compete with Leroy
You'd hear a Tic Tac __________ it's way up the tube.
I'm servin' up some right rubbish tonight, give 'em some of that __________
People want __________ television, that they don't have to think about
A lot of monkeys in the prison had been locked up for __________
In the 80s, people used to go door to door selling __________
There was a fella _____ _____ in a wheelchair
Whether it's a potato or a nut, it's a __________
Spiders float about on a bit of __________
Karl's film stars _____ _____ alongside Rebecca De Mornay
Leroy gave Karl a right good __________

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