WCW/WWE Crusierweight Champs by Finisher

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Can you name the WCW/WWE Crusierweight Champs by Finisher?

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Finishing MoveWrestler
Air Pillman
Liger Bomb/Liger Suplex/Air Scissors Drop
Even Flow DDT
Three-Quarter Facelock Russian Legsweep
King Cobra Clutch/Spiral Bomb/Bridging Dragon Suplex
Texas Cloverleaf
Asai DDT/Cancun Tornado/Dragon Bomb/Dragonsteiner/La Magistral
Walls of Jericho/Codebreaker/Lionsault
Bridging German Suplex/Hangman's Neckbreaker
Frog Splash
Juvi Driver/Juvi Lock/450 Splash
BK Bomb/Kid Krusher/Shooting Star Press
Psycho Stunner/Diving Guillotine Legdrop
Memory Lane/Tiger Tamer
Chart Buster
Outrageous Corkscrew
Airplane Spin/Bridging German Suplex
Diving Elbow Drop
Finishing MoveWrestler
Swan Dive Headbutt/Diving DDT
Blonde Bombshell/New Jersey Jam
Eye of the Storm/Thunderclap
Daff Knees/Lobotomy
Frog Splash/Gory Bomb
Canadian Maple Leaf/Last Call
Play of the Day/Sudden Death
Eye of the Hurricane/Nightmare on Helms Street
Buzzsaw Kick
Fireman's Carry Gutbuster/Crucifix Armbar
Twist of Fate
Bridging German Suplex/Float-Over DDT/Spinning Heel Kick/Tornado DDT
Gory Special/Moonsault
Dudley Dog
Rising Sun
450 Splash/Shooting Star Press
Kiss of Death/Sicilian Slice/Arrivederci/Sicilian Crab
Dead Level/Money Maker
Tadpole Splash

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