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QuoteMovieOriginal Quote
'Robinson, Problem Solving and research networks?' (1967)
'The general trends. Hamster mom and dad berries.' (1975)
'This is not true. The answer to this question.' (1988)
'I think it's your partner in my jungle.' (1996)
'I'm pretty smart, huh? I love this man.' (1981)
'Access to credit, life and death.' (1994)
'But look, my son was with him.' (1942)
'Perhaps power.' (1977)
'Now can not be denied.' (1972)
'Love is no excuse.' (1970)
QuoteMovieOriginal Quote
'You're a man, I am a man, man.' (1998)
'I want to quit smoking.' (2005)
'Why is this important?' (2008)
'Dare. Less than style.' (1995)
'The fact is that human desires, but more than words, is good.' (1987)
'Way? If you do not have access.' (1985)
'I was very angry, am what?' (1976)
'We are a lack of communication.' (1967)
'Hello, good morning.' (1968)
'Corps to open the door.' (1968)

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