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Can you name the lyrics to 'I've Got a Theory' from the Buffy musical episode 'Once More with Feeling'?

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I've got a theoryGiles
a dancing demon!Giles
I've got a theoryWillow
and we're all stuck insideWillow
I've got a theoryXander
It's getting eerie.Willow, Tara, Anya
It could be witches,Xander
which is ridiculous causeXander
and I'll be over here.Xander/Anya
I've got a the-Tara/Anya
like everybody suposes.Anya
And what's with all the carrots?Anya
Bunnies, bunnies,Anya
Or maybeAnya
I've got a theoryWillow
Because it clearly could get Willow, Giles
I've got a theory,Buffy
What can't we faceBuffy
What's in this placeBuffy
The same old trips,Buffy
What can't we doAll (but Giles)
We'll work it throughAll (but giles)
We have to try,All (but Giles)
It's do or die.Buffy
What can't we face if we're together?All
There's nothing we can't face...All/Anya

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