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Can you name the lyircs to 'Rest In Peace' from the Buffy episode 'Once More with Feeling'?

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I died
but you can make me feel
and why you come to be with me
ashamed of what you feel,
you know they couldn't deal.
it doesnt make it real.
but I don't wanna play,
and since I'm only dead to you,
and let me rest in peace.
Let me get some sleep.
bury it in a hole 6-foot deep.
but I can't find my
So, let me rest in peace.
and you just love to play the thought
But till you do, I'm telling you
I know I should go,
There's a traitor here beneath my breast,
If my heart could beat,
But I can see
So leave me be, and let me rest in peace.
Let me take my love and
I can lay my body down, but
Let me rest in peace.

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