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Low male voice
Sudden, sharp note
A plucked keyboard instrument from the Baroque period
Single skinned African drum
High female voice
Low female voice
An emphasized note
Short and detatched notes
Getting louder
To muffle or dampen the sound of the music
High male voice
How loud or quiet the music is played
All together
Quality of musical tone
Speed at which music is played
In a singing way
The words to a musical or opera
Smooth, long notes
Musical phrase repeating over and over during a composition
A harmony key which sounds sad
A harmony key which sounds happy
Scale of semi-quavers
Sliding between 2 notes
A large piece of music for orchestras with 4 movements
Getting quieter
Plucked notes (strings)
Slight vibrating note of a musician
Bowed notes (strings)
Notes or chords that end a piece of music with a feeling of conclusiveness

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