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Notes or chords that end a piece of music with a feeling of conclusiveness
A large piece of music for orchestras with 4 movements
Low female voice
A plucked keyboard instrument from the Baroque period
Bowed notes (strings)
An emphasized note
High female voice
Quality of musical tone
In a singing way
The words to a musical or opera
Musical phrase repeating over and over during a composition
Speed at which music is played
Getting quieter
Smooth, long notes
Slight vibrating note of a musician
Plucked notes (strings)
Short and detatched notes
Low male voice
Sudden, sharp note
Sliding between 2 notes
Single skinned African drum
Getting louder
To muffle or dampen the sound of the music
High male voice
A harmony key which sounds happy
All together
How loud or quiet the music is played
Scale of semi-quavers
A harmony key which sounds sad

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