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Can you name the Stephen King works by character?

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Alan Pangborn, Danforth 'Buster' Keeton, Wilma Jerczyk
Brian Engle, Nick Hopewell, Craig Toomey
Speedy Parker, Sunlight Gardner, Morgan of Orris
Danny Torrance, Dick Hallorann, Delbert Grady
Percy Wetmore, Edouard Delacroix, Elaine Connelly
Dr. Sam Weizak, Sarah Bracknell Hazlett, Greg Stillson
David Drayton, Ollie Weeks, Mrs. Carmody
Bobby Garfield, Ted Brautigan, Carol Gerber
Dennis Guilder, Leigh Cabot, Arnold Cunningham
Vicki, Burt, Malachai
Billy Halleck, Taduz Lemke, Richie Ginelli
Ray Garraty, Pete McVries, The Major
Vern Tessio, Chris Chambers, Gordie LaChance
Ben Staad, King Roland, Anders Peyna
John Rainbird, Charlie McGee, Irv Manders
Margaret White, Chris Hargensen, Tommy Ross
'Big Jim' Rennie, Julia Shumway, Dale Barbara
Harold Lauder, Nadine Cross, Donald Merwin Elbert
Richie Tozier, Henry Bowers, Beverly Marsh
Kevin Millar, Curt Schilling, David Ortiz

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