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Spell effectIncantation (or name)
Causes an object to explode
Causes fire
Cleans an object
Knocks back, slows, or causes target to stumble
Causes a buzzing sound to obscure speech
Causes an object to show its secrets
Emits a shattering blast of wind
Banishes a Boggart
Packs a trunk or luggage
Provides general protection for an area
Shoots a jet of water
Causes conjured objects to attack
Slashes an opponent
Causes things to go or come down
Causes a person to become covered in boils
Stuns a person
Fixes broken or damaged objects
Prevents non-magical people from approaching
Levitates objects
Frees a person who is dangling in the air
Stops a person from making a sound
Locks a person's legs together
Causes a wand to show its last cast spell
Hovers and moves a tree
Creates a beam of light
Causes a person to obey absolutely
Causes a statue to jump aside
Creates a bandage and splint
Creates a force which repels spells
Spell effectIncantation (or name)
Causes teeth to grow
Sticks a person's tongue to the top of their mouth
Heals minor wounds
Removes a weather enchantment
Turns a wand into a compass
Lowers a magically amplified voice
Hovers and moves a human
Cuts through an object
Removes aftereffects of previous spells recalled
Creates a duplicate object
Explodes an object into flaming bits
Dangles a person in the air (by their ankle)
Creates the Dark Mark
Causes a statue to become animate
Ends the effects of a spell
Causes something to disappear
Makes object repel substances or forces
Digs or carves out materials
Confuses a person
Removes a stuck object
Conjures a flock of birds
Conjures a physical manifestation of the caster's positive feelings
Leaves fiery marks
Causes uncontrollable dancing
Protects against Dark Magic
Causes a person to be blindfolded
Siphons material from a surface
Wards enemies from an area
Kills a person
Spell effectIncantation (or name)
Summons an object
Causes immense pain
Protects an area against malicious spells
Unlocks a locked object
Sets something (eg a tent) up
Creates a portkey
Extinguishes light
Ties up or restrains a person or object
Clears an airway for breathing
Reveals humans near the caster
Makes an object hard
Moves an object around
Blasts objects into smithereens
Shrinks an object
Sticks a door shut
Tickles a person
Makes something invisible appear
Forces something to release its hold by emitting sparks
Disarms an opponent
Erases memories
Amplifies a voice
Causes an object to swell in size
Lets the caster see the memories, thoughts and emotions of a person
Makes a ramp or slide out of stairs
Conjures a snake
Rouses an unconscious or stunned person
Immobilizes a person in an 'at attention' position
Causes a wand to sprout flowers

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