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Can you name the words from the Harry Potter World in the following word ladder?

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Name of boy who almost lost an eye to the Whomping Willow
Full name of second child of Harry and Ginny
Name of Ron and Hermione's second child
Middle name of Percy Weasley
Broomstick Madam Hooch learned to fly on
First name of Voldemort's uncle
Full name of headmaster of Hogwarts in books 1-6
Middle name of Hermione Granger
Buckbeak's name after his escape from execution
First name of the Burke from Borgin and Burke's
Middle name of Cornelius Fudge
First name of Fleur's mother
Last word of Half Blood Prince
Middle name of Dolores Umbridge
Type of car owned by the Weasley family
Number of members of the D.A.
Name of Aragog's wife
Name of the dog Aunt Marge brings to the Dursleys' in Prisoner of Azkaban
Color of Molly Weasley's eyes
Middle name of Bill Weasley

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