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Updated Sep 20, 2012

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Who was Vince and Mia's waitress/waiter at Jack Rabbit Slims?
What flavor poptarts does Butch put in the toaster when he goes back to his apartment for his gold watch?
'You ain't my friend, ____.'
What was the name of the pilot Mia was in?
What is the name of Butch's girlfriend?
What Bible verse does Jules reference before killing people?
What do they call a quarter pounder with cheese in France?
Young Butch is told a story by Christopher Walken about a gold watch. What is Walken's characters name?
How many piercings does Jody say she has?
What song performed by Urge Overkill does Mia play when she and Vince get back from dinner?
What is Jimmie's wife's name?
What is the apartment number that Vince and Jules go to?
Who does Marsellus throw out of a window according to Jules?
What kind of cigarettes does Butch buy at Marsellus's club?
Where in L.A. is Jules from?
Where in L.A. is Vincent from?
Where has Vincent just recently returned from?
What relation to Butch is the first person who bought the gold watch?
What song performed by Chuck Berry do Mia and Vince do the twist to?
What is Christopher Walken's character's son's name?
What burger place are Brett and his pals eating when Jules and Vince arrive?
What is the heroin called that Vincent buys?
Who says the first line of the film, 'Forget it. It's too risky.'?
What is Butch's cab drivers name?
How much money is in Jules's wallet that he gives to Ringo?
How long was Vincent gone on his trip?
What time do Jules and Vince end up entering the apartment?
What are the hours of operation at Marsellus's club?
Young Butch is watching a cartoon. What is the name of it?
What kind of cereal is Lance eating when Vince is bringing Mia over after she overdosed?

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