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Teen works to stop robots from ruling the world with help from his mother
15 years of medical emergencies take place here
Fictional tale about a monarchy and the soldier who wins the leader's favor
Legendary Camelot wizard learns the ropes
Underachiever living near Niagra Falls does what inanimate animals tell her to do
Man makes pies and wakes dead people to solve crimes
People have new memories and personalities imprinted into their brains for rich clients. Warning: may lead to apocalypse.
Spin-off about explorers in a mythical lost city fighting Wraith
Two lazy British people pretend to be a couple to get an apartment
Prequel series set on the planet named for Capricorns
Boy with powers joins a band of freaks and battles a priest
Island full of crazy stuff makes you and some plane crash survivors ask endless questions
Detective suffers from OCD
Witches kill demons by saying rhymes
Entire world blacks out and glimpses the future
Crime-solving team uses these body parts as clues
Ordinary guy discovers his destiny to save the world with a wizard and his true love
Team led by an immortal deals with a rift in space and time in Wales
FBI agents search for the truth in alien events and other oddities
Last surviving members of the colonies try to survive robot attacks
Aliens come in peace, or so they say. They're identified by a single letter.
British show about a fallen angel, the witch he seduces, and the immortal meant to stop them
Warrior woman battles gods and warlords in ancient times with her stick-wielding sidekick
Drama about two average men amongst the famous players of an ancient empire
Police employee cuts down on crime by cutting up criminals
Multiple marriages compounds problems
Friends avoid life with drinking, smoking, and reading
Title town is home to scientists and their disasters
Strange science is investigated by the FBI and a crazy man with a cow
Widow sells marijuana to support her family
Two brothers fight ghosts and demons, and the fate of the world depends on them
Teenagers save the world, one staking at a time
Girl dies, but hangs around taking souls
Fake psychics solve real murders
Cowboys in space keep fugitives away from the government
Time-traveler gets a new face every now and then and lives in a phone box
Man becomes spy by reading a picture-filled email
Mostly true story about the English monarchy led by a man who married six times
Unethical science company with the initials VD employs title character
Cartoon about a delivery boy who wakes up in the future and becomes a delivery boy
Missing people are found, but have strange abilities
Woman relives days and saves people from dying
London prostitute shares her secrets and her life
Girl with cat DNA steals and makes deliveries while investigating her past
Woman with multiple personalities tries to keep family together
Living ship full of strange alien prisoners takes on an astronaut
Man tells his children a freakishly long story about everyone he and his friends slept with up to their mother
Time-traveler from San Francisco sees his dead wife in the past
Messed-up family tries to keep it together with loose seals and bad chicken impressions
Karma makes a lottery winner undo his bad deeds
Boozer, user, and loser in her 40s goes back to high school
Air force members explore space and fight parasites posing as gods
Pill-popping rude doctor uses loads of sarcasm
Demon tries to atone in the big city
New Mexico teen makes friends with aliens
Teenage girl plays detective for her fellow students and sometimes the police department
Surgeons can't stop talking about their sex life in front of patients in Seattle

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