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First person account of the Civil War? That's like porn for a history teacher.
Why do I need to pee? I thought I was dead.
Let's get one thing straight: I am not Katherine.
You're a powerful witch godess. Seize the day Brumhilda!
Dracula was a complete wuss... never showered. Very smelly.
Hey how come you don't sparkle?
Can we not kill anyone tonight, please?
FYI, our team sucks and they could use you.
I'm not gonna be one of those pathetic girls whose world stops just because of some guy.
Why would you wanna go to high school? It blows.
As long as you have a Salvatore on each arm, you're doomed.
I'm saying this because of Elena. She's big on trust. The more you try to hide whatever it is you're hiding, the more determined she's gonna be to figure it out.
We choose our own path. Our values and our actions, they define who we are.
I want you out of the house, and my life, by morning.
Elena is warm and kind and caring and selfless and it's real. When I'm around her, I completely forget where I am.
We're a team. We could travel the world together. We could try out for the Amazing Race!
You and Stefan talked all night? There was no sloppy first kiss or touching of any kind?
I'm worse than shallow... I'm a kiddie pool.
If I see something I haven't seen before I'll throw a dollar at it.
Dear Diary: Today will be different. It has to be. I will smile and it will be believable. My smile will say, 'I'm fine. Thank you. Yes. Much better.' I will no longer be the girl
I don't know what's happening to me.
It's cool not growing old... I like being the eternal stud.
Have you been eating bunnies?
You'll rock her world so hard with your vamp sex she'll be yours forever!
I've sworn off men forever. But that doesn't mean I can't observe them from a safe distance.
I'm gonna drink until someone is hot enough to make out with.
I have two liters of soccer mom in the fridge.
His name is Stefan Salvatore. He's a Gemini and his favorite color is blue.
That's the thing about Damon. He doesn't get mad. He just gets even.

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