Enemies of Jerry Seinfeld

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Can you name the enemies of Jerry Seinfeld?

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Described by Jerry as 'Pure Evil'. No other reason for Jerry's hatred is given.
Hack comedian whom Jerry owes a meal (and finds all things that dissolve in milk to be funny).
Chesty girlfriend of Jerry who insists 'They're real'.
Mentally unstable individual who blames Jerry for not getting a pilot episode from NBC.
Occasional bookie who thinks Jerry is a phony and has two broken thumbs.
Library cop who thinks that Jerry is a no good celebrity who stole 'Tropic of Cancer'.
Pro-life restauranteur who peed on Jerry's couch (and on his hands).
High school rival who insists that Jerry got a head start in a race in ninth grade.
Resident of Del Boca Vista who had a loaf of rye from Schnitzers nabbed from her by Jerry.
Obnoxious comedienne whose one-woman show consists of trashing Jerry.
Vengeful barber who Jerry ditched after getting a bad haircut.

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