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Can you name the answers to these questions about the Beatles' song Maxwell's Silver Hammer?

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Who studied 'pataphysical science?
Where did she study it?
What is Maxwell's last name?
What was Maxwell's major?
Where did Maxwell want to take his first victim?
At school, what did Maxwell play?
What did this cause the teacher to become?
What did Maxwell's teacher wish to avoid?
How many times did Maxwell write 'I must not be so' on the blackboard?
What did P.C. Thirty-one claim to have caught?
While standing alone, what did Maxwell paint?
Where did Rose and Valerie scream from?
What did they scream?
Does the Judge agree?
How many victims does Maxwell have in the duration of the song?
What did the Silver Hammer make sure of?
How many times is the Silver Hammer mentioned in the entire song?

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