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When you think of me the lightbulb will light up
President, Civil War Hero, voted off American Idol season 6
Don't mess with a girl with a gun
Ohio State Buckeye, oh and four time gold track medalist
Traveled, quite literally, around the world and still came back to Ohio
I was President and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, but I’m remembered for being fat.
A president so nice, they named me thrice.
We believe we can fly, we believe we can touch the sky
My Grandpa was President so I thought it would be cool.
I’m a president who died in office, but I’m not Lincoln
I work at the Columbus Zoo and like to visit the late night talk shows.
Author, Abolitionist, Justin Bieber Enthusiast
I’m a President who died in office, nope, not Kennedy
I am the Ultimate Traitor

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