Starcraft Units by Quote

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Can you name the following Starcraft (and Brood War) units from their in-game quotes?

Updated Jan 31, 2012

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'I am eager to help'
'Warp field stabilized'
'All right, bring it on!'
'I'm waiting'
'Can I take your order?'
'Fire it up'
'Power overwhelming'
'Ready to roll out!'
'Somebody call for an exterminator?'
'Prepped and ready!'
'Acknowledged, HQ'
'Jacked up and good to go!'
'Teleport successful'
'My life for Aiur'
'Reportin' for duty'
'I heed thy call'
'I have returned'
'It is a good day to die!'
'I live for the swarm'
'We are as one'

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