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Can you name the lectionary based memory verses for Reign of Christ Sunday?

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Verse & Number of WordsMemorized ScripturePrayer in Response to Scripture
John 18:37. 12 words beginning with 'For this I' or last 5 words beginning with 'to testify'.We praise you that Jesus was born into our world to testify to the truth. Prayer for John 18:37
Revelation 1:5-6. 17 words beginning with 'To him who...made us' or last 6 words beginning with 'to serve'.Thank you for our freedom to serve you, the God and Father of Jesus Christ. Prayer for Revelation 1:5-6
2 Samuel 23:2. 14 words beginning with 'The Spirit' or last 6 words beginning with 'his word'.Please let your Spirit speak through me, so that my words are your words. Prayer for 2 Samuel 23:2
Psalm 132:4-5. 24 words beginning with 'I will allow no sleep to my eyes..., till' or last 8 words beginning with 'a dwelling'May my heart's desire be to find a place to be at home with you and your people. Prayer for Psalm 132:5

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