7 Memory Verses, Oct 2010

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Can you name the memory verses, October 2010?

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book, chapter, verse, first wordsNIV Scripturea word; notes
Jeremiah 29:11 > I know the plans''prosper''; ''his''=God's; 28 words or last 8 words
Matthew 6:33 > Seek first his''kingdom''; ''these things''=sustainance; ''his''=God's; 18 words or last 9 words
Matthew 18:20 > Where two or''together''; ''I''=Jesus; 14 words or last 5 words
Luke 11:9 > Ask and it will be given''door''; Jesus speaking; 22 words or last 7 words
Romans 14:1 > Accept him whose''disputable''; 12 words or last 6 words
1 Corinthians 3:7 > Neither he who''plants''; 17 words or last 6 words
1 Timothy 6:18 > Command them ''deeds''; ''them''=the wealthy; 19 words or last 6 words

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