Lectionary Verses, Lent # 1

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Can you name the lectionary based memory verses for the first Sunday in Lent?

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Verse & Number of WordsMemorized ScripturePrayer in Response to Scripture
Luke 4:2. 9 words beginning with ''For'' or last 6 words beginning with ''he was''. [He, Jesus.]We are sorry if we have let the devil succeed in tempting us.
Romans 10:10. 8 words beginning with ''It is'' or last 3 words beginning with ''that''.Please help us to believe in our hearts.
Deuteronomy 26:11. 19 words beginning with ''You shall'' or last 8 words beginning with.''God has''Help me to be happy that you give me and my family good gifts.
Psalm 91:2. 19 words beginning with ''I will say'' or last 6 words beginning with ''my God,''.Help us to trust you.

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