Lectionary Verses, Easter #4

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Can you name the lectionary based memory verses for the fourth Sunday after Easter?

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ICB Verse & Number of WordsMemorized ICB ScripturePrayer in Response to ICB Scripture
John 10:29. 24 words beginning with ''My Father gave'' or last 11 words beginning with ''no person can''.We praise you that you hold on to us, and that you will not let go of Jesus' followers.
Revelation 7:16. 13 words beginning with ''Those people will'' or last 6 words beginning with ''They will never''We praise you that , in heaven, we will not seek to satistfy our hunger or thirst.
Acts 9:36. 9 words beginning with ''She was always'' [Tabitha] or last 4 words beginning with ''and helping''Please help us to be good and care for the poor.
Psalm 23:4. 10 words beginning with 'I will' or last 5 words beginning with ''because you''.We praise you that you are with us to calm our fears.

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