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'Listen to these words.''What is the first letter?'
iron, ivory, iris
nap, nose, night
angel, apron, acorn
open, ocean, over
people, peek, peanut
easy, eat, ear
before, believe, beef
go, game, good
tease, tears, team
juice, jump, jar
zipper, zero, zoo
safe, soap, sock
home, horse, help
'Listen to these words.''What is the first letter?'
use, unicorn, usual
look, lamb, love
quiet, quick, question
mom, mine, music
x-tra, x-plore, x-citing
want, wish, wait
rose, read, right
ceiling, city, circle
dear, deep, dessert
food, fish, fall
yellow, young, yes
very, voice, visit
kite, kiss, keep

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