Lectionary Verses, Advent #2

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Can you name the lectionary based memory verses for the second Sunday of Advent?

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Verse & Number of WordsMemorized ScripturePrayer in Response to Scripture
Luke 3:3. 19 words beginning with ''He went into all'' or last 7 words beginning with ''of repentance for''.Help us change. Thank you for forgiving us. Prayer for Luke 3:3.
Philippians 1:10. 20 words beginning with ''You may be'' or last 6 words beginning with ''blameless for''.Help us to discern what is best. Prayer for Philippians 1:10.
Malachi 3:3. 12 words beginning with ''He will'' or last 7 words beginning with ''and refine them''.We praise you that Christ will purify us and refine us, until we present offerings that will be pleasing to you. Prayer for Malachi 3:3-4.
Luke 1:79. 8 words beginning with ''Guide our'' or last 5 words beginning with ''into the path''.Thank you for giving us Jesus to guide us toward finding peace. Prayer for Luke 1:79.

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