7 Memory Verses, Nov 2010

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Can you name the memory verses, November 2010?

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book, chapter, verse, first wordsNIV Scripturea word; notes
Deuteronomy 10:19 > You are to ''aliens''; ''you''=''Israel''; 15 words or last 6 words
Job 29:16 > I was a father to the''needy''; ''I''=''Job''; 15 words or last 8 words
Psalm 95:2 > Let us come before''thanksgiving''; ''him''=''Lord''; 7 words or last 2 words
Isaiah 41:13 > I am the Lord, your''hold''; 24 words or last 7 words
John 4:50 > Jesus replied, You may''son''; ''him''=''royal official''; 9 words or last 4 words
Hebrews 4:12 > The word of God''living''; 8 words or last 3 words
Revelation 3:7 > What he opens no''opens''; ''he''=Jesus, ''who holds the key of David''; 15 words or last 7 words

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