7 Memory Verses, Jan 2011

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Can you name the memory verses, January 2011?

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book, chapter, verse, first wordsNew International Version Scriptureword; notes
Genesis 1:27 > God created man in''created''; 15 words or last 8 words
Psalm 81:10 > I am the Lord your''mouth''; 22 words or last 9 words
Proverbs 16:18 > Pride goes before''pride''; 10 words or last 6 words
Matthew 11:30 > My yoke is easy, ''easy''; 9 words or last 4 words; ''my''=Jesus
Mark 9:41 > Anyone who gives you''water''; 22 words or last 6 words; ''my''=Jesus
Luke 18:27 > What is impossible''impossible''; 9 words or last 4 words; Jesus speaking
2 Corinthians 5:17 > If anyone is in''new creation''; 18 words or last 8 words

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