31 Bible Phrases. Book?

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Can you name the Bible book for each of 31 phrases?

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phraseBible booka prayer
love one another
Moses parts Red Sea
tame the tongue
lion's den
clay in Potter's hands
love chapter
Deborah judges disputes at palm tree
undeserved suffering
pray in big fish
vision of new Jerusalem
Israelite (Boaz) marries devoted Moabitess
courageous queen
God's power at Mount Carmel
armor of God
David & Goliath
Jesus in manger
phraseBible booka prayer
people of faith hall of fame
rebuild wall around Jerusalem
chasing after the wind
rebuild temple in Jerusalem
tongues at Pentecost
redeemed slave
valley of dry bones
Noah's ark
8-year-old king
lion at rest with lamb
nine beatitudes
fruit of the Spirit
Jericho's walls fall
weeping prophet's laments
king and his beloved

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