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Way Jim Jones ordered his followers of the People's Temple to commit suicideShow a cult-like devotion
The measure of the amount of ammunition in a WWII fighterGive it everything
The traditional binding of government documents with thisbureaucracy
Misspelling of the name of a particular brand of 'original' whiskeythe brand name, the best, the original
people who would follow the vehicle of musiciansfollow the crowd
Powdered headwear worn by prominent men in the 18th centurysomeone in an important position
the process of creating small monetary denomination applied to creating words out of Latindifferent way of saying something
food that can be prepared with little effortsuddenly, usually used meaning to stop suddenly
script direction, move to the dramatic sceneget to the point
price of making a Faustian bargainwill be a future high price
number connoting perfection in some numerological systemsperfect, clothed perfectly
Archimedes, 'I've found it!''I've found it!'
an actor turning toward the audience, and the orchestra pitsuffer the consequences
from the Spanish Civil War, a quote from General Mola after surrounding Madridinsurgents, traitors, spies
radio operator ranking the strength and clarity of a transmissiongood, fine
leave a battlefield still possessing your flagachieve success
carrying a person face-downwardforced walk while the arms are pinned

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