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Can you name the U.S. State Capitals with the given cryptic clues?

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ClueU.S. State Capital
Why name your capital after a guy who never actually discovered any of the United States?
The ultimate comeback city?
Add in some extra Powers, and this city becomes very groovy?
Small town near Fred Flintstone's stomping grounds?
Founded by Libertarians during the 1988 Presidential Election?
Founded by Jennifer Garner in honor of Ellen Page after giving up her baby?
Thinking he didn't get enough credit for QB-ing the Ravens to a Super Bowl, they named this capital after him?
According to the Spaniards, probably the most faithful capital of them all?
This capital hosted the first battle of the American Revolution?
The Immaculate Reception was amazing, but worthy of that state's capital named after you?
Based on its namesake, this capital's probably a real thriller?
Named by some idiot who thought Anne Frank hid in the attic because she was shy?
Named for a former Tonight Show host?
Founded by Archie Bunker's old neighbors when they finally moved out?
How could those South American drug cartels misspell their home country?
City originally comprised of toy log cabins?
Sure sounds an awful lot like they named this city after a hotdog, right?
Named for the Round Mound of Rebound?
Named in memory of Owen (brother of Bret the 'Hit Man') after he tragically died in the ring?
Named for some French guy, right?
Named for that lady who makes those delicious pre-packaged Hostess snacks?
Founded by that chubby German boy who fell in Willy Wonka's chocolate river?
Developed by Mr. Burns upon retiring and leaving Springfield?
Site of the west coast witch trials?
Cheech and Don Johnson's jurisdiction?
Named for a daughter of Zeus? Or maybe that chick from 'Twister'?
Named for the late country singer and aviation hobbyist?
Couldn't they come up with something more original than naming this capital after its state?
Is this where all those Green Gables are?
Didn't the British sink this city during WWII?

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