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2010-2011Oklahoma City Thunder
2009-2010Oklahoma City Thunder
2008-2009Miami Heat
2007-2008Cleveland Cavaliers
2006-2007Los Angeles Lakers
2005-2006Los Angeles Lakers
2004-2005Philadelphia 76ers
2003-2004Orlando Magic
2002-2003Orlando Magic
2001-2002Philadelphia 76ers
2000-2001Philadelphia 76ers
1999-2000Los Angeles Lakers
1998-1999Philadelphia 76ers
1997-1998Chicago Bulls
1996-1997Chicago Bulls
1995-1996Chicago Bulls
1994-1995Orlando Magic
1993-1994San Antonio Spurs
1992-1993Chicago Bulls
1991-1992Chicago Bulls
1990-1991Chicago Bulls
1989-1990Chicago Bulls
1988-1989Chicago Bulls
1987-1988Chicago Bulls
1986-1987Chicago Bulls
1985-1986Atlanta Hawks
1984-1985New York Knicks
1983-1984Utah Jazz
1982-1983Denver Nuggets
1981-1982San Antonio Spurs
1980-1981Utah Jazz
1979-1980San Antonio Spurs
1978-1979San Antonio Spurs
1977-1978San Antonio Spurs
1976-1977New Orleans Jazz
1975-1976Buffalo Braves
1974-1975Buffalo Braves
1973-1974Buffalo Braves
1972-1973Kansas City-Omaha Kings
1971-1972Milwaukee Bucks
1970-1971Milwaukee Bucks
1969-1970Los Angeles Lakers
1968-1969San Diego Rockets
1967-1968Detroit Pistons
1966-1967San Francisco Warriors
1965-1966Philadelphia 76ers
1964-1965San Francisco Warriors - Philadelphia 76ers
1963-1964San Francisco Warriors
1962-1963San Francisco Warriors
1961-1962Philadelphia Warriors
1960-1961Philadelphia Warriors
1959-1960Philadelphia Warriors
1958-1959St. Louis Hawks
1957-1958Detroit Pistons
1956-1957Philadelphia Warriors
1955-1956St. Louis Hawks
1954-1955Philadelphia Warriors
1953-1954Philadelphia Warriors
1952-1953Philadelphia Warriors
1951-1952Philadelphia Warriors
1950-1951Minneapolis Lakers
1949-1950Minneapolis Lakers
1948-1949Minneapolis Lakers
1947-1948Chicago Stags
1946-1947Philadelphia Warriors

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