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First, highest, or foremost in rank
A truth which is evident and general
A rule or standard, generally of good/moral behavior
The lead performer in a concert; first chair
In law, a capable person who hires someone else to do something
Beginning; commencement
To impress with any tenet or rule of conduct
Original amount of debt for which interest is calculated on
A partner or owner of a building
A basic generalization that is accepted as true
DefinitionPal or Ple
A main rafter supporting purlins
Of or pertaining to a prince
A person liable for another's debt
A variety of trumpet, probably having a larger tube than the ordinary tromba
The form of a verb from which all other forms can be deduced (i.e. want>wants/wanted)
A source or origin; that from which anything proceeds
Head of a school
Person directly responsible for a crime
In law, a law of nature/general property of matter
A component part of a compound or substance

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