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Number of ways to commit a quidditch foul
Number _____ Privet Drive
Number ________________ Grimauld Place
Platform of the Hogwarts Express
Number of Weasley Children
Number of points you get for catching the snitch
Ron's birthday March ______
Number of Unforgivable Curses
Harry's birthday July ____
Number of Ministers of Magic
Total number of Dumbledore's names
Number of Sickles in a Galleon
Number of Knuts in a Sickle
Number of Points for scoring the Quaffel
years at hogwarts for harry
Year of the Publication of Harry Potter 1
Harry's broom Nimbus ________
Number of Deathly Hallows
number of harry potter books
Number of balls in Quidditch
Number of Knuts in a Galleon
Age to be an adult
Harry Potter's Vault
Vault of the Sorcerer's Stone
Number of Houses
Number of questions on Lockhart's first quiz about himself
Number of Players on a Quidditch team

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