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Number of Points for scoring the Quaffel
Harry's broom Nimbus ________
Number of ways to commit a quidditch foul
Number of Ministers of Magic
Number of Unforgivable Curses
Number of Sickles in a Galleon
Number of Houses
Harry Potter's Vault
Number _____ Privet Drive
Number of Deathly Hallows
number of harry potter books
Year of the Publication of Harry Potter 1
Number of points you get for catching the snitch
Number of Knuts in a Sickle
Age to be an adult
Number of Weasley Children
Number of balls in Quidditch
years at hogwarts for harry
Platform of the Hogwarts Express
Number of questions on Lockhart's first quiz about himself
Total number of Dumbledore's names
Number of Knuts in a Galleon
Number ________________ Grimauld Place
Number of Players on a Quidditch team
Ron's birthday March ______
Harry's birthday July ____
Vault of the Sorcerer's Stone

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