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GrossMovieMain Actor
$533,345,358Christian Bale
$251,188,924Michael Keaton
$205,343,774Christian Bale
$200,081,192Brandon Routh
$184,031,112Val Kilmer
$162,831,698Michael Keaton
$134,218,018Christopher Reeve
$114,086252Ryan Reynolds
$108,185,706Christopher Reeve
$107,509,799Malin Ã…kerman
$107,325,195Arnold Schwarzeneggar
GrossMovieMain Actor
$90,380,162Bruce Willis
$75,976,178Keanu Reeves
$70,511,035Natalie Portman
$59,950,623Christopher Reeve
$40,202,379Halle Berry
$23,591,432Idris Elba
$15,681,020Christopher Reeve
$14,296,438Helen Slater
$10,547,117Josh Brolin
$5,617,391Kevin Conroy
$1,710,972Shaquille O'Neal

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