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Box Office GrossMovieMain Actor
$403,706,375Tobey Maguire
$373,585,825 Tobey Maguire
$336,530,303 Tobey Maguire
$318,412,101 Robert Downey, Jr.
$312,433,331 Robert Downey, Jr.
$234,362,462 Hugh Jackman
$214,949,694 Patrick Stewart
$180,316,376 Chris Hemsworth
$179,883,157 Hugh Jackman
$157,299,717 Patrick Stewart
$154,696,080 Ioan Gruffudd
$144,382,830 James McAvoy
$134,806,913 Edward Norton
Box Office GrossMovieMain Actor
$132,177,234 Eric Bana
$131,921,738 Ioan Gruffudd
$115,802,596 Nicolas Cage
$102,543,518 Ben Affleck
$86,443,098 Chris Evans
$82,348,319 Wesley Snipes
$70,087,718 Wesley Snipes
$52,411,906 Wesley Snipes
$33,810,189 Thomas Jane
$24,409,722 Jennifer Garner
$16,295,774 Tim Robbins
$8,050,977 Ray Stevenson

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