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Can you name the two 'mashed-up' movies suggested by these script pitches?

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The PitchThe Mashed-up Movie
Nine years after he spent one night with her in Europe, Ethan Hawke reunites with a faded, deluded Hollywood star
English working-class guys perform the legend of King Arthur as a strip tease
The Chicago 'Black Sox' baseball team meet author Karen Blixen a.k.a. Isak Denisen
A disco dancer must choose between his girlfriend and the Boston Red Sox
Anthropomorphic white mouse is a member of a family of four sisters in 19th Century New England
A TV weatherman relives the same day over and over, fighting off zombies
60's Swedish soft-porn film about four musicians on an underwater voyage
A quartet of fashionistas meet three guys in midlife crisis on a dude ranch
An autistic fellow who 'tilts at windmills'
Vicki Lester becomes a Hollywood star but then becomes a paraplegic veteran who protests the Vietnam War
The PitchThe Mashed-up Movie
Steve Martin as a harried dad planning the wedding of his only daughter to a monster
Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Invisible Girl and The Thing attend several happy occasions and one sad one
A bunch of cool guys plan another heist, this time while on jury duty
Disgruntled Initech employees recruit four over-the-hill ex-astronauts to retrieve a satellite
Cheerleaders fight mob corruption on the New Jersey docks
Luke discovers who his father is by going back 30 years into the past
Comedienne Fanny Brice is committed to a mental institution
Sidney Poitier builds a baseball diamond in a cornfield for a group of nuns
A group of comical martial arts specialists and a pimp become hip-hop artists
A boxer with anger issues joins a minor league baseball team

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