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definition (# of letters)word
Unable to be protected from unauthorized reproduction (15)
skillfully with either hand (14)
stirring things up (13)
acting like a blowtorch, for instance (13)
in a manner of lower rank or position (13)
in an erratic or unplanned manner (12)
legal procedures to settle debts(12)
deprived of food or nutrition (12)
these usually follow lightning strikes (12)
applying fabric to furniture (12)
definition (# of letters)word
pertaining to welcoming to a new home (12)
not conducive to making money (12)
Small freight elevators (11)
their mascot is an elephant (11)
in a joking or humorous manner (11)
list or collection of movies (11)
they often yell, 'Timber!' (11)
this often follows an earthquake (10)
German automaker (10)
vegetables with spiny outer leaves (10)

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