Beatles Songs: Off One Letter

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Can you name the titles of these Beatles songs which have had one letter changed?

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The Song Could Be About...Altered TitleReal Title
Protest to get transportation
24 hours stuck in a London elevator
Yo, naked person!
Satisfaction is a fresh-from-the-oven roll
Dance and use a firearm
That girl's jumping back to her house
Arrogant 'masked' mammal
Beautiful pocket sandwich
Style your hair in a group
John Coltrane, for instance
The Song Could Be About...Altered TitleReal Title
Removing a birthmark
I desire possessing your property
Open a savings account in Soviet Russia
A father who's on LSD
Scandinavian cuisine
Slothful singer of 'Like a Virgin'
The Catholic sister is arriving
Laid-back naval vessel
The idiot taking contraceptive medication

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